Hey Crew!

September 23rd we’ll be training with Mark Blakeney and his Crew at  Goldsby's Gym and Martial Arts 825 N Maple Dr Dlo Mississippi 39062.

Contact Mark Blakeney at (601) 213-7419, $40 if registered before September 1st $60 after September first. 10AM start.


Western Warrior Boot Camp 2017
The Details
Saturday & Sunday, October 28th & 29th. 10AM start both days.

  • Quitting Time: 4 or 5ish Saturday. Noonish to 1PM Sunday.
  • Coaches: Yours truly, Jim Marx, & John Miller.
  • Subjects: Saturday I will be laying out Old-School Boxing, Wrasslin’, & Frontier Rough & Tumble, Coach Marx will slap some reality-weapons work on you, and Coach Miller will snap some bones Sambo style.
  • Sunday: You will have an option to choose from further work from the Saturday Curriculum or to experience several Outer Limits Drills [sensory and handicapping drills] to refine your street readiness and earn certification.
  • Gear: Yourself, mouthpiece, boxing gloves, MMA gloves, and whatever gear you are comfortable drilling in. (I would suggest shoes if some Street-Drills hit the pavement/trail).
  • Location: Red Dragon Martial Arts Center 284 South Daisy Street Morristown,  TN  37813
  • This Boot Camp is suitable for all levels of experience and/or fitness.  Gear: Mouthpiece, 16 oz. boxing gloves, and NHB gloves are required.  Wrestling shoes, knee pads, elbow pads are optional.
  • This is a limited attendance Boot Camp.  We like to keep the numbers low at these Boots so that we can provide individual attention.
  • The Price: $80 for both days, $50 for a single day.
  • Attendance will also confer Lifetime Membership status meaning that you will receive a 15% discount on all Products from that day forth.
  • To register, simply contact us via email with your intention of attending.  You must then send a $50 deposit to secure your spot.
  • For those with family in tow who have better things to do than to watch you sweat, we are less than 1/2 hour drive from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • For accommodations, search in the Boot Location area:  Red Dragon Martial Arts Center 284 South Daisy St.  Morristown  TN  37813  (423) 587-3755 (School)  www.rdkarate.com
  • For those of you flying in, your destination airport will be McGhee-Tyson in Knoxville, TN.

Hey Crew!
This old man is ready to come out of hibernation, I’ve already added a raft of seminars this past week just to get out of the house.
So, if you wanna play, skip all the usual Seminar Fee noise on the webpage. Message me, let’s chat and if you’ve got some fun out your way I wanna hit, well, hell, we’ll cut the cost to bare-bones train a little and play a little.
Wanna play? Message me.

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