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RAW 219


The Black Box Project 6: Street-Dentistry/Clinch Hellaciousness/The Ground Correlate/Mark’s Candy Corner/Frontier Trade-Knife
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Bringing the New Year in Old School Style!

Our latest DVD [Black Box 6] has just been released. The video is just a wee-peek at the kindest bit of info included.

Broadly we cover 6 Major Areas of Historical Combat

One-Throwing Hands “Street Dentist” Style

Two-Rough ‘n’ Tumble Clinching

Three-Fat-Out-of-the-Fire Groundwork Combination Fighter Style

Four-Frontier Trade-knife

Five-Mark’s Submission Candy Corner

Six-Old-School Unleaded Conditioning

For a deeper delve into the 6 topics I offer the complete syllabus for Black Box 6 gratis.

[Keep in mind, just because some terminology may match a modern correlate do not assume the details and tactical applications are also equivalent. Au contraire! The Devil is Always in the Details!]

The scholarly may read on…


The Black Box Project 6: Street-Dentistry/Clinch Hellaciousness/The Ground Correlate/Mark’s Candy Corner/Frontier Trade-Knife

Mark Hatmaker


The Street Dentistry Parlor

Knuckle-Busting Versus High Straight-Punching: Jabs & Rear-Straights

  • Standard Catching + Drill
  • “The Roaring 20’s Catch” + Drill
  • The “Whys” of The Roaring 20’s Catch
    • Opens Trigger-Punching Lines
    • Disrupts the “Set” of Punch Two
  • The Street Dentist Catch + A Careful Drill

Versus Hooks

  • Standard Block
  • The Old School “Salute” Block
  • The Street Dentist “Hammer” Triggers
  • Hammer Trigger Recipients
    • “Running the Rails”
    • “The Crossties”
    • “The Roundhouse”
  • The Hammer Trigger as High Jerk Clinch Entry
  • The Hammer Trigger as Low Jerk Clinch Entry to Hand-Off
  • The Hammer Trigger to Twisting Underhook

Upright Scufflin’ Hellaciousness

Making the Single-Underhook Your Partner in Crime

  • The Standard Single-Underhook Clinch aka “The Weak Sister”
  • The Old-School Single-Underhook
    • The Off-Line Sweet Spot
    • Hand Placement
    • Elbow Position
    • Head-Placement #1: Their Head
    • Head-Placement #2: Your Head
    • “The Pinch”
    • “The Bull Drill”

“But, Mark, what about that free hand, can’t he punch me with it?”

  • The Bull Part, Two
  • The Heart-Slap & Slide
  • “The Wrist Garter” [Pay close attention here as this pops up a lot in 2021’s Frontier Trade-Knife Curriculum—See Below.]
  • The Elbow Steal
  • The Easy Drop

Ground Scufflin’ Hellaciousness

Making the Single-Underhook Your Partner in Crime, Part 2

  • Combination Fighters saw no true distinction between the upright and the horizontal.
  • This allows for a far-seeing view of the fight and easier arsenal access as the mind does not compartmentalize.
  • The Bottom Scissors Single-Underhook
    • “Screwing” the Hand In
    • Bucksaw Entry
    • Off-Line & Off-Your-Back
    • “The Wrist Garter”
    • “Elevator” or “Boot”?
    • “The Knee Rides the Bronc”

A Pause for Old School Conditioning

Unleaded Leg Extensions

  • Vital Tools for Scufflers
  • The Single-Leg Push-Away
  • The Single-Leg Pigeon Toe
  • The Corkscrew

Back to Ground Scufflin’ Hellaciousness

  • The Angle of the Easy Sweep
  • Concerted Use: Boot, Knee, Underhook, and Hand
  • The Corkscrew Brings It All Home
  • Elbow Stealing vs. A Dropped Post

Mark’s Snappin’ Submission Candy Corner

  • Riding the 1/4 Position Like an Old School Hoss
  • Seatbelts are for Suckers
  • Pocket Spins Give Gifts
  • Gift #1: The Rip-Out DWL [The Kind Version]
  • The Rip-Out DWL [The No Comebacks Version]
  • The Cup-Grip Bonus

“But, Mark, my gift was stalled by a catch-grip or high-posting hand.”

  • Gift #2: The Sit-Thru Shoulder-Ripper
  • The Kind Version—Just kidding, there is no kind version.

Vicious Weaponry: Frontier Trade-Knife

Get ready to dig deep into this topic for several months, kids.

  • The Four Grips Used in Frontier Trade-Knife
  • The “Hawk”
  • The Spine
  • The Skinner
  • The Digger
  • The Why of Four?
    • Non-Uniformity of Tool
    • Easier Transference of Skill to Improvisation, that is, one of the four will work with most any object you can lay your hands on.
    • A knife ain’t a sword or a stick—lose the idea of any “Angles of Attack” rooted in lengths or ranges not in your hand.
    • Frontier Trade-Knife is more about Spheres of Attack than Angles.
    • The Grip-Drift Drill

ESP RAW 219 can be had this month for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Dome